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Our pastoral videos

All of those videos are in french, but closed captionning is avalaible.
Click on one of the videos to start playing it.
Click on YouTube to watch the video from YouTube site.
Click the "square" in the lower right corner of the videos to watch them in full screen.

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Click here or on the image to access and subscribe to our YouTube channel. You will be able to watch all our Faith in Action capsules.

For videos of meetings for baptisms,click here. 

Presentation of courses for young people and registration procedures

Visit of the Saint-Henri church
Complement of courses

A message from our Bishop
for confirmants

Ceremonial practice
First of Communions

Presentation of adult courses
and how to register

Delivery of the Gospels
Complements of courses

Ceremonial practice
Sacrament of Pennance

Ceremonial practice
Sacrament of Confirmation

Preparation meeting - Baptisms
Part 1 - important information

Preparation meeting - Baptisms
Part 2 - ceremony and symbols

Ancre 2 Baptêmes
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