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You will find various links above that you may find helpful. Do not hesitate to consult them.


Diocese of Joliette


The Church of Joliette website gives an overview of diocesan life, its history, its services and its activities.


Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Quebec


The Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Quebec (AECQ) is the association of all bishops with pastoral responsibility in a diocese located in Quebec territory.


Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops is the organization of all Canadian bishops. Through the commitment of its members, the Conference deals with issues and activities of a national and international character in areas such as ecumenism and interreligious dialogue, theology, social justice, aid to developing countries. development, the protection of human life, the liturgy and Christian education.


Development and Peace


The Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace is one of the leading non-governmental international development agencies in Canada.


The Centre d'Entraide de Mascouche


The Center d'Entraide de Mascouche is first and foremost a non-profit organization that helps people in Mascouche temporarily in need, by giving them vouchers for food, clothing and furniture.


The P'tite Pasto


La P'tite Pasto is a “parent-child” activity for families with preschool children. Through play, singing, crafts, children discover the wonders of family, nature, friendship and are gently sensitized to the presence of God and to great Christian values; all in a language adapted to their age and a climate of pleasure!




The InterBible site is referenced by the National Library of Quebec and named each year, since its foundation, as one of the best Quebec sites (Internet Guide)




The Christian web guide is a collection of 400 websites analyzed by a team from Bayard's site and the monthly Panorama.


Holy See (Vatican)


The official Vatican website provides access to archives, the library and the Vatican Museum. An excellent search tool facilitates navigation and discovery of various documents.


Websites of neighboring parishes

Notre-Dame de L'Acadie, Bienheureuse Marie-Rose-Durocher, Bienheureuse Émilie-Gamelin , Saint-Esprit , Saint-Joachim of Terrebonne , Bienheureuse Marie-Anne-Blondin of Terrebonne, Saint-Louis de France Parish of Terrebonne.


Other sites to consult will be added ...


Other sites to consult will be added...

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