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2018 - still ongoing

The second phase of our "Pierres à Graver" campaign has just started. We are once again offering our donors to put a name on one of these stones in exchange for a donation of $ 200 or more. A great way to immortalize the memory of the people we love.

Here are some examples of registrations and suggested donations:

- Jean Tremblay: $ 200 and more

- Jean Tremblay family: $ 250 and more

- J. Tremblay family: $ 250 and more

- Jean Tremblay and Jeanne Roy: $ 250 and more

- J. Tremblay and J. Roy: $ 250 and more

- Tremblay and Roy families: $ 250 and more


Any other registration must be authorized by the Fabrique.

Fill out the PDF form below on the screen, print it out and bring it to the presbytery. If you have difficulty filling out the form directly, download it to your device and open it. Instructions can be found at the bottom of the form. Thank you very much for your generosity.

Please note that the stones will be engraved when a certain number is requested.

Pierre 1.jpg
Pierre 4.jpg
Form to fill out :

Come visit our shop in the presbytery offices . For the summer, it is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to noon only.

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