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Saint-Henri Parish


Founding of the parish: 1750

Construction of the current church: 1885

Construction of the current presbytery: 1889


A little history

Founded in 1750 and located in the heart of Mascouche, Saint-Henri is the oldest parish in the Moulins region. The current church built in 1885 replaced a first building resulting from a chapel erected in 1751.


The cemetery, which was once near the church, has been moved to Chemin Saint-Henri. The entrance is located between 1198 and 1204, chemin Saint-Henri. Visit our cemetery on the Cimetières du Québec website . Consult this map to find out how to get there from the church.

Photo credit: Éric Généreux - 2014.

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Collaborators and organizations


Catechetical courses: Marina Boudreault - 450-474-2413

P'tite Pasto : Mégane Chartier 438-868-7096

Communion for the sick: Thérèse Hoyas - 450-474-2413

Cursillos : Francine Charest and Johanne Destrempes

La Relève : Isabelle Gauthier - 450-834-3835

Rcube : Contact tab on their website.

Scouts : Éric Lanctôt 438-884-7297

Al-Anon / Al-Ateen : 514-866-9803

Alcoholics Anonymous : 450-629-6635

Knights of Columbus : Bernard Gariépy, Grand Chevalier

Click on the underlined words to visit the websites of the organizations.

Come visit our shop in the presbytery offices . It is only open during office hours.

Our partners

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