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Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Parish

Founding of the parish: 1948

Construction of the current church: 1950

Construction of the current presbytery: 1951



Notre-Dame-du-Saint-Rosaire / Our Lady of the Holy Rosary parish serves a Catholic population divided between French and English speakers. Anglophones come from all over the region. The church, located on the Chemin des Anglais in Mascouche, was built in 1950.


The Our Lady of the Holy Rosary cemetery is located on rue Laprade, and is accessible at all times through an entrance facing Rue Saint-Arnault. It is near the Parc des Saules, at the end of rue Archambault. Consult this map to get there. Visit our cemetery on the Cimetières du Québec website .


Photo credit: Éric Généreux - 2014.

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Come visit our shop in the presbytery offices .


It is open during the opening hours of our offices.

Collaborators and organizations

Catechetical paths: 450-477-5512

Cursillos :  Bernard Boucher - 514-966-0831

The next generation: Isabelle Gauthier - 450-834-3835

Rcube : Contact tab on their site.

Scouts : 450-474-6973

Al-Anon/Al-Ateen : 514-866-9803

Alcoholics Anonymous : 450-629-6635

Knights of Columbus : Bernard Gariépy, Grand Knight

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