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Our Lady of the Holy Rosary

July 2, 1949

First mass in the chapel.

July 13, 1949

Blessing of the chapel by His Excellency Mgr Papineau, Bishop of Joliette. Presentation of the parish priest: Father Albéric Lalande. The chapel is dedicated to Mary, Our Lady of the Holy Rosary.

August 31, 1950

Arrival of the first parish priest, Father Lalande. He will live for a year on Brompton Street, with Mr. Théberge.

May 28, 1951

Construction of the presbytery begins.

September 1951

The priest moves into the presbytery.

April 26, 1952

First pastoral visit to the parish by our bishop.

December 1956

Purchase of land from M Raoul Chartrand for a cemetery.

November 1958

Floor finishing. Contribution of the Ladies's League.

March 1959

The pews of the church are installed.

September 1963

Construction of the bell tower above the sacristy.

May 1965

Blessing of the bells to be done in June 1964.

Fall 2017

Removal of the bell tower following water infiltration which damaged the ceiling of the sacristy.

July 10, 2018

The bells were all restored by Rinox, owned by Horacio & Rosa Correira,

as well as their valuable partners:

Mr. François Pelletier, Maison du Verre

Mr. Pascal St-Jacques, carpenter

Mr. Jamie Péloquin, master masonry

Mr. Marc Fortin

Mm. Lee & Richard Dulgar (Leeroc bricks & stones)

The background image of this page shows the new layout.


Aug 13, 2018

Landscaping around the bells by Sarah Veillette, Sabbatino

October 6, 2019

Blessing of the bells at their new location by Father Éric Généreux.

Informations on the bells

The bells of Catholic churches are baptized, they have a name and also have godfathers and godmothers. Here is this information for our bells:

The biggest of the bells is called Eugene. The other names inscribed are Pius XII and Chanoine W. Caillé, parish priest of Mascouche. His godfather and godmother are Mr. W. Bohémier, mayor of Mascouche and his wife. This bell was cast in 1964, produced the Sol note and weighs 1310 lbs or 594 kg.

There is an image of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary on the bell. The names of the members of the Syndic-Trustees (1949-1950) are also written:

Cornelius E. Coughlin

Patrick murphy

John Théberge

Duncan J. Stuart

J. Alfred Tessier

The second bell is called Mary-Paul. The other names on the bell are Paul IV, Édouard (apostolic administrator of the Diocese of Joliette), Alberic Lalande, parish priest. His godfather and godmother are Mr. Herbert Murphy and his wife Veronica Paterson. She was cast in 1964, and produces the Do note. It weighs 580lbs or 263kg.

There is a statue of Saint Anne on the bell. There is the list of members of the Bells Committee: Herbert Murphy, president, Frank Cicos, Wilfred Henderson, Howard Patterson, churchwardens. June 1964.

The third bell is called John-Cornelius-Patrick. His godfather and godmother are M. C.E. Coughlin and his wife Valeria. She was also cast in 1964. She produces MI sound and weighs 370lbs or 168kg .

There is the statue of St-Patrick and St-Jean Baptiste. There is a memorial to the first churchwardens of May 1951: C.E. Coughlin, Kevin O'Connor, Patrick Murphy, James McCune, John Théberge, Paul Locas, Thomas Clune, Raymund Wilkinson. It is also written there: First new school - Garden Road - 1952 and Sisters of St. Ann: 1955.

The fourth bell is called Marie-Alice. His godfather is Mr J.A. Latreille-Lalande and his godmother Miss Annette Lalande-Latreille. She was cast in 1964. She produces the RE note and weighs 390 lbs or 176 kg.

She is "In memory of Alice Lalande-Latreille on a mission in Congo, who died accidentally with Dag Hammarskjold, Secretary-General of the UN, and 14 companions in Ndola (Northern Rhodesia), on September 17, 1961." The bell is a gift from her family.

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