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Course en   Couleurs Mascouche 2023


Here are some answers to your questions

How does "it run"?

Quietly, at your own pace! As you feel! The course is 5 km long. It is not the time that counts but the pleasure of having fun while running and finishing colorful! We can walk, dance and even carry or push the youngest! The Mascouche Course en Couleurs is not timed. There are two golden rules that are really easy to remember:

  1. Wear the white race t-shirt with you number pinned in front of it.
  2. Be completely covered in colors on arrival!

You are given, at the end of your course, a bag of color to KEEP for a final throw of colors. The race ends in the Etang du Grand-Coteau park to the sound of music and with our event partners.

This will be the fifth year of this event in Mascouche! Come have fun for a good cause! All profits are awarded for the conservation of our Historical Heritage in Mascouche.


The map below will give you a glimpse of the route of the last editions.

plan 2018.jpg


Get to the start line of your race early. Each start has its number color.

Check what time you registered!

Departure 1: 9:00 am

Departure 2: 9:30 am

Multicolored final throw of races 1 and 2 after the 10:00 am start.

Departure 3: 10h00

Departure 4: 10:30 am

Multicolored final throw of races 3 and 4 around 11:30.

What if I miss the first final throw that was scheduled for my race?

No problem ! Stay for the second final throw. And you will have the pleasure of being colored like all the others.

Can I put on a skirt, make quilts or wear a cap?
Absolutely. But be careful not to get your feet caught in scraps of fabric or a disguise that hinders your movements! In addition, you must respect the two golden rules of our race, stated at the beginning.
Will the color stay on my shoes and clothes for life?
The colored powder is colored cornstarch. The faster you wash it, the better it will be for your clothes and shoes to return to their natural color! And for the car, bring blankets or large towels to protect the seats or a change of clothes.

Is it delicate for my eyes and my lungs?

The powdered color used is certified non-toxic. Colors are a combination of cornstarch, baking soda, and FD&C dyes. As with any other substance, it is preferable to avoid direct contact with the eyes. We make sure the pitchers aim low or much higher when you go past.

When passing through a colored station, you are advised to wear glasses of your choice to protect your eyes and Bandana-style scarves for the mouth and nose. Some cover their hair.

Cameras and cell phones must be protected!
We recommend that you always cover cameras / phones with dust protection. The colored powder is fine and sneaks everywhere. The Course en Couleurs Mascouche is not responsible for any damage that may be done to your cameras, phones and other electronic gadgets!
What if it rains?
Rain or shine, the race will take place! The rain will only make the colors even more vivid! Anyway, we even suggest that you get wet at the start so that it will hold better!

Parking is available at several nearby locations:

  • The two large parking lots at the Parc de l'Étang and the Pavillon du Grand-Coteau
  • The Pépinière Lapointe parking lot (on avenue Châteaubriant)
  • That École du Coteau … just a small hill to go down!
  • In the surrounding streets (however, watch for signs that prohibit parking in certain places.)
Can I run with my dog, rabbit or rat?

For the safety of all bipeds and the happiness of the "pitous", animals are not allowed on the course or in the park of the Grand-Coteau pond.

Can my family, friends or fans wait for me at the finish line and participate in my multicolored final throw?
Absolutely! We will have colored powder sachets available for sale. However, quantities will be limited, so first come, first served! But we are not responsible for the damage to Grandpa's costume! We tell you, you will not be clean when you get out of there! It is guaranteed! However, the course is supervised and secure for participants only. Your fan club will have the chance to have fun, dance and visit the festivities booths while waiting for you, camera in hand.

I have a cold and my mother wants to replace me!

For real ? Oh no !!! What a pity, having a bad cold in summer is never pleasant. And unfortunately, as stipulated in the conditions written on the registration form, registrations are not exchangeable, transferable or refundable .


Contact us for any good question you cannot find the answer to:

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